Examples with asp.net 1.1/2.0

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Subscriptions with asp.net ado.net

suscripciones web
Web to manage subscriptions to diverse publications, it has CRUD functionality for publications and suscribers. It make uses .net 1.1 vb.net, asp.net, sql server 2000 it is of interest to mention the use of Enterprise Library (ver. Junio 2005) concrectely DAAB for data access.

ebooks with asp.net xml xslt

Online shopping books, from catalogue read from data base we can follow all cycle to make an online purchase, adding items to our shopping basket. Technologies, net 1.1, vb.net, asp.net, sql server it is interesting to mention use xml/xslt file for shopping basket; it make use .net cache posibility for books catalogue, this way an unique access to database is necessary, only when new items are added, we have an improvement with concurrent users. it also uses a web server module to have friendly url in the page of products and improve ranking with search engine.

Administration of employees with a crud interface in asp.net

Simple pages to control sales of a series of employees, we have a simple CRUD interface for the management of employees in each of categories company/department. It uses .net 1.1, vb.net, asp.net It is remarkable use .net control like DataGrid that gives advantage over asp 3.0 code, as the number of lines necessary to implement this functionality.

Management interface of companies and users roles with asp.net 2.0

administración emp. webservice
An updated management interface of companies, we want to have 2 users profiles varying according to the roll the functions available in the management interface. Thus administrators will have total control, while operators only consult. This is obtained taking advantage of the possibilities .net 2,0 give us creation of users/rolls in a transparent way for who uses the interface so every user has restricted the access and the menus to which it can accede. In addition the access to data is by means of a Webservice. Implementation of Ajax for asp.net 2.0 is also used in order to make asynchronous calls in the data access without having to do a full page postback. Also the AjaxControlToolkit has been used to visualize the changes more clearly. Technologies, .net 2.0, asp.net, c#, sql server Ajax, AjaxControlToolkit, web services.

PharmaCRUD web api .net 8

PharmaCRUD web api.net 8
Web api .net 8 management of pharmacy establishments in the locality and search by latitude/longitude of the nearest establishment.